Call Him Tab …

In recent times, using first persons just chafes him for absolutely no reason. Now he will try and finish this post about his love for illeism without a first person.

Many are of the view that people who use first persons are confident, but his upbringing was moulded in an environment where too much use of first persons is attributed to some form of “haughtiness”. But then again, this has nothing to do with his upbringing as an Akuapim – Akuapim parents literally hold their child’s head up and make sure they drop respect into their nostrils like they’re treating epistaxis –  and for no reason at all, boy just relish not using the first persons.

Forgive him and call him Tab (initials for his full name) as he will be referring to himself as such in most of his monologues on social media. He’s an illeist who has chosen to dip his piece of chicken in a flour before deep-frying it. And oh, wish him good luck with his new blog.


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