On Assou-Ekotto’s head-butt …

In South Africa four years ago (Germany Vs. England — 1/16), Frank Lampard fired a shot at the tip of the D which bounced off beneath Neuer’s cross bar, before making a second bounce behind the goal line and out into Neuer’s bosom. Neuer quickly reacted like he has made a save and floated the ball back into play. Capello (England’s coach then) was already celebrating, because that was suppose to be the equalizing goal. England went on to lose the game 4-1 and even though the Germans convincingly defeated our colonial masters, that controversy was to act as a lubricant for the fulcrum which will change how the beautiful game is officiated in Brazil 2014 … the birth of the Goal Line Technology.

The beautiful game has evolved, call it an expensive make-up, with a Guerlain Diamond Studded Lipstick.Imagine if the back-pass rule was not introduced in 1992, Iker Casillas would have conveniently handled the back pass which would have saved him from that embarrassing moment against the Netherlands, but at the same time, we would have been watching a game where defenders will keep passing back to goalkeepers to handle, whenever they feel pressured … an opportunity for time wasting, the case of the 1990 World Cup.

The 2014 World Cup is just 8 days in and I believe we are on the same wavelength to acknowledge some jaw dropping moments. Forget Ghana conceding under 40 seconds against the USA (premature ejaculation lasts longer), forget Spain making an early trip back to Ibiza (they didn’t find the Brazilian shores exhilarating enough), forget Pepe head-butting Thomas Kweku Muller (Zidane was on Madrid’s bench all season) … let us (in one accord) reminisce Alexander Song’s WWE-like elbow to the spine of Mandzukic in Cameroon’s mutilating 4-0 defeat to Croatia (in fact, that is not even allowed in WWE), but earthshakingly, let us reminisce Benoit Assou-Ekotto’s head-butt to his own teammate.

[Inserts a very offensive exclamation] .. what on earth (or in heaven) came over him?! Anyway, my major concern is what the Laws of the Game of Association Football says about physically attacking your own teammate. We all know what would have happened to Assou-Ekotto if a Croatian was at the receiving end of his head, but he “exhausted” the full 90 mins (plus additional time). We cannot argue that the incident was at the blindside of the officials, and even though a friend on Twitter emphasized that what he did merited a red card, has the laws explicitly stated it (well I don’t know)? If not, then I believe we just witnessed another lubricant for another fulcrum which will change how the beautiful game is officiated.


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