Diffidence …

Alpenglow beckons, reminiscing today’s events … another bummer
Plumber Oppong is aware the mediocre adhesive is responsible
Liable to fail again, he prays to Hecate for a miracle
Spiracle needs another patch … options exhausted
Demented ramblings … a symbol of failure
“Conjuncture Oppong, at least, it worked previously”
Sheepishly, he listens to himself … “try fire …”
“Rehire Kwapong, you fool!”
(Drools) … Oppong knows he’s screwed
“Shrewd as Kwapong is, his body odor freezes the lungs”
“… hung tough and bring this job to ruin, you need Kwapong”
Ping-pongs off the ladder … (Oppong sees himself average)
“Deleverage then to accommodate the stinky gem …”
… stem to stern the leakage kept on misbehaving
Having a bee in his bonnet about another failure …
“Opaquer” Kwapong’s prowess further impairs his ability to reason
Depletion in self-esteem … a drop from average to stupid
(Tumid brain) … he resorts to the mouthful of liqueur in his canteen
Sixteen hundred GMT, his phone alarm goes off and the nap ends …

“Enti Kwapong mma me ho nto me?! Mmoa sem aa kwa!” **

Kwapong takes a break from reading, peeps at his senior brother in the sofa and shakes his head

** Twi translation for “So Kwapong won’t stop bothering me?! Such Nonsense!”


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