Ardor …

it was lust at first sight.
without saying a word we both knew.
we wanted to rip the clothes off each other.
but we had to do the social dance.
we were required to do the social dance.
introductions, idle chit chat, saying nothing.
however our gazes said it all.
he played coy,
he played naive,
he said she had broken his heart
he said he was hurting.
he said he wanted to be friends,
just friends.
sexting was all it took
two whole days of sexting
i invited him to my dingy apartment.
the hug was warm, really warm.
his cologne was manly.
he tasted like pineapples
that was dessert. i had asked.
there was nothing,
nothing at all
under the maxi dress
he gasped at my figure;
yes i worked hard for it.
tugging and pulling,
unlacing and unzipping,
we both stood as we were born.
he needed no encouragement,
i was ready an hour ago.
sweat and saliva, moans and groans
blended and transfused.
he was a virile young man
and i came in multiples
three hours had passed.
it was time for him to go home
and it was time for me
to change my sheets.

**written by Aasiya (@MissCeeci)**


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