The Economics Of What I Feel (2) …

The love boom and bust met me like reserve requirements
However, with a beta of 1.9, I was without bounded rationality
And my greatest mistake was crony capitalism;
Eron was better, the impact was an asymmetric shock

The affection became a hard currency; sterling in 20th century
Not even scared of looming hyper-inflation, I “laissez-faired”
Hysteresis, I ignored the murky future, simply put
I was Sir. Isaac Newton of an investor!

I got the game theory twisted, rarity of a homo economicus
Worst, the prevalence of efficient market hypothesis …
Truth is, first-mover advantage got the best of me
And I acknowledged my emotional turmoil

These were all lagging indicators, until last week
When flotation to wed the opportunity cost unsettled “primera elección
Regulatory arbitrage became unavoidable; China’s shadow banking industry
But for now, I’m smoking rational expectation hashish


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