Windows 10: Who Gets It & When?

I would want to believe that Microsoft finalized Windows 10 last week. If you’re excited as I am, let’s get to who is to get it and when.

The initial decision by Microsoft was to update all Windows 7 and above: pirated and genuine. That would have sent the wrong message obviously; who should spend blocks acquiring a software when pirated versions will also receive updates anyway? Those who acquired previous versions legitimately will also feel they’ve been subtly foolish … then Microsoft pulled the plug on that decision. An ardent Windows user myself, the excitement about Windows 10 has called for some in-house cleaning and upgrades. My Dell Inspiron’s memory has been upgraded to 12GB (the new DDR3 which uses less power), and there are plans of replacing the 1TB HDD it shipped with, with a 512GB SSD.

To get Windows 10 via update when it becomes available on 29th July this year, you must have already reserved your “update spot” by signing up for the update via the Get Window 10 (GWX) app. The app cannot be installed like any other .exe file (to the best of my knowledge). If you don’t have it yet, run your Windows Update program (genuine Windows only). Once the GWX app has been successfully installed on your computer, you should find a white windows icon on the right hand corner of your taskbar. Let me show you mine 🙂


However, recent reports suggest that not everyone (whether you reserved an update via GWX or not) will be able to upgrade to Windows 10 on 29th July. The update will be episodic, with the 5 million+ Windows 10 Insiders currently previewing the OS getting the update first. It’s only after those chosen 5 million have their share, before those of us who have reserved an update can look to getting ours. Simply put, don’t over expect an update on the 29th if you’re not an Insider currently previewing the OS. But then again, from now until 29th is a long ride. Microsoft can surprise us all.

What we’re to expect in Windows 10 is public knowledge. What not to expect has however, not seen much light. There are some minor tradeoffs to updating from Windows 7 or 8.1. The update means saying bye bye to the Hearts game, the windows Media Center (which was useless in 7 anyway) and no DVD playback software “yet” (VLC got our backs). Then there’s that annoying [because data doesn’t come cheap in Ghana] default “automatically download updates,” which cannot be changed in the Home Editions (Pro and Enterprise users can chill).

Fingers crossed, 29th should come already!


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