Backward Compatibility: XBOX One & 360

Sony please are you listening?! This is great news for all XBOX One owners: they can now slot in their 360 discs and enjoy! That simple, nothing else is required. If you purchased your game from the XBOX Marketplace, this works for you as well. You can download your old games onto your new console without any extra heartbeat. This great feature comes later this year, but if you are an XBOX One Preview member, call this Christmas in June: you get to experience this great feature from today!

This means you can now enjoy playing online with friends who have not upgraded to XBOX One. PlayStation really needs to copy this, seriously. It’s only natural to ask myself why I purchased a PS4, but I never had XBOX 360 anyway so no biggie. However, most friends are still on PS3 and I’m really relishing the opportunity to play with them online. The hardware barriers should be breached already, and Microsoft has really been kind to XBOX owners.

Sony, I’ve got my eyes on you!


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