[SOLVED] DELL Backup & Recovery Error … Creating Factory Recovery Media

An error occurred while creating the factory recovery media” is the feedback you’ll get when your Dell Backup & Recovery app does not successfully create a bootable backup; when you try to create a factory reset image, or when you try cloning an SSD for a hard disk upgrade. I personally experienced the error when I tried changing the HDD in my Dell Inspiron 15 7548 to an SSD. After a couple of fruitless troubleshooting, I did the following. You can also give it a shot if you are also experiences the same issue(s).

Make sure that your Dell Backup & Recovery app is updated to the most recent version

1. Open Windows Explorer, clicked on My Computer (This Computer)

2. Locate “Manage” on the Ribbon. If you don’t see the ribbon, tap or click the “Expand the Ribbon button in the upper right or press Ctrl+F1 (Ctrl+F1 doesn’t work for me).

3. When the “Computer Management” dialogue box opens, locate “Disk Management” on the left pane, under “Storage.”

4. If there is any “unallocated disk space” on the directory you’re trying to clone, or have the bootable backup on, delete it and format the disk to NTFS with default allocation size. This is also to say that the hard disk you’re trying to use for the backup should have no partitions.

5. Safely remove the formatted disk and plug it back into the computer. Re-do the backup.

Leave a comment if there are any further issues.


3 thoughts on “[SOLVED] DELL Backup & Recovery Error … Creating Factory Recovery Media

  1. Hi.I still have the same problem:SSD sumsung and W 8.1 pro on it. In “disc managment” all properties are as you suggest.I think it’s all about EFI (BIOS system)

    Dont plug in the USB stick to the laptop USB ports that are at the side of the laptop, those ports are working like USB hub.
    Plug in the stick at the back of the Laptop where USB ports are directly on the motherboard.
    Even though you may not see the difference, there is a hardware difference between these ports.
    I had exactly the same problem and with above solution it works

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