My 2015 in Tech & 2016 Tech Wish list


I’ll start off with my good old HTC One M8! This guy is a rock! I got it in 2014 … never used a screen protector for it, never got a case for it (bought an HTC Dotview case but never used it) … and it still looks fairly used. One thing I have to acknowledge though: I rarely drop my phones, no matter how slippery, but anytime I dropped this guy (irrespective of the surface) I picked it up with confidence.

My Samsung Galaxy Note 4 LDU was a gift from my good friend Amanor. It was usually in my backpack because it is huge (5.7 inches display) and couldn’t take a sim. But it was a good buddy at home, where it could hook onto the router and feel “all able.” I also migrated all my high-end Android games (Leo’s Fortune, BADLAND, Modern Combat 5 & N.O.V.A 3) onto this guy and it’s huge display & battery took mobile gaming to a different level.

Then an iPhone 6 made a late entry in October: a gift from my boss. Those close to me know me as a hardcore Android fan, but I was super excited to have this device. I still struggle with apps to fill the 64GB of space, but I’ve found joy in Apple Music and Go To Gold 2 (a Chinese puzzle exclusive to iOS). It has been my go to guy for taking pictures because of its great camera. The Twitter app on this guy is also awesome I must admit.


My Motorola 4000mah Portable Power Bank with a built in cable for Android devices was the messiah whenever/wherever any of my devices ran out of juice or when dumsor struck. I acquired it for a little over $20 on Amazon this year and it has “over” paid off!

When the key with the remote controls of my car got misplaced, I had little option than to ensure that the spare doesn’t suffer the same fate. The HTC Fetch has done me a lot of service. Connected to my HTC One M8 (& hooked to the key), it beeps every time I leave it behind or when the connection to the phone has been lost. If I can’t locate my key within Bluetooth range, I just tap the app and it beeps!

When it comes to earphones and headphones, I’m a Sony-head, though the iPhone’s earpods are also ok. Sony MDR-XB250 headphone and MH410c earpiece ensured that I enjoyed my music OTG and during workouts.


The slim, metal body Dell Inspiron 7548 (standard version) comes with a full HD display, 1TB HDD, 8GB DDR3 and Intel  Core i5, clocked at 2.20 GHz. I tweaked mine to 12GB DDR3 and 128GB SSD, using the 1TB it shipped with as an external drive. Running Windows 10, the device remains my best ever!


I only have one; the Pivotal Tracker 1 by Pivotal Living. This fitness band sells for less than $15 on Amazon but does almost everything the very “high end, over priced” ones do. I will give it a review this year so the less I say now, the better.


ROBIN! Nextbit’s Robin! I am working on pre-ordering that “smart smartphone” as it ships just this February. That’s low-key ditching HTC … but honestly, it was a very disappointing 2015 for HTC, especially with the A9. If they wow me this year, well … **fingers crossed** (the Oliver Twist in me is also keeping an eye on Sony’s 4K display devices … if the 2016 releases are dope enough, we may have to just increase the budget for gadgets *pensive*)

Will I upgrade my iPhone 6 to 7? Certainly!

I also hope to acquire a good camera.

Afehyia pa!


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