“THE BEST” Android Game

Android has seen tremendous developments, but the hardware we’re getting these days is insane! I remember HTC Desire and Samsung Galaxy S like it was yesterday. This was 2010, the days of Froyo and Gingerbread. Those days, Fruit Ninja was the game! Then came Angry Birds, as it was initially exclusive to iOS. These days, graphics on phones is insane. Graphics on PCs have put consoles in the dust and I have absolutely no doubt that smart phones will catch up soon.

Play Store has hundreds of thousands of games. To single-out one and emphatically qualify it as the best means it over satisfies these four categories; entertaining, addictive, mind-boggling/stimulating and dope graphics.

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you Leo’s Fortune!

Check it out on Play Store here

Check it out on App Store here

Not to give you spoilers, I wouldn’t share screenshots or even write a review. BTW, if your Android device is not high-end, please, don’t waste your time downloading it.



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