HTC One M8 is now $399.20: Why it’s still a top-notch

The best HTC device yet, is now selling for $399.20 off contract. That represents a 20% reduction for a device which now runs Android 6.0 Marshmellow. Don’t forget though that the device was released in March 2014 … Let’s take a look a what it ships with it on paper against some recently released flagships;


A look at some key specs like Display, CPU, Memory and Camera suggests that the HTC One M8 is no where near becoming insipid (I believe it has about two more years under its belt). Remember, HTC is committed to pushing updates within 90 days after Google releases … Marshmellow came to the M8 in less than two months! (… by then, other Android manufacturers like Samsung were still in the lab)

What you’re also getting from this device is a rock which refused to crack or shatter, just in case you drop it. Call it a budget high-end device, because the only significant deficiency it comes with is a fingerprint scanner. The Samsung Galaxy S7 doesn’t come with a USB Type-C, same goes with the iPhone 6S.

If you want to spend nothing more than GHS 1,600 on a new high-end phone, then M8 wouldn’t disappoint by all standards. Enjoy BoomSound speakers, HTC Sense and 100GB of free Google Drive storage for 2 years!


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