Why You Should Ditch Whatsapp for Signal

Signal is reportedly the messaging app Edward Snowden uses for its security features; the ability to send and receive encrypted messages, plus the freedom to prevent whoever you’re chatting with from taking screenshots of your conversation. Also, the Signal servers do not have access to your conversations, neither do they store any of your data. To prove this, they made it open source! This is not another Telegraph, or another Whatsapp clone (btw, servers of those apps have access to your conversations and stores your data). This app fixes everything you probably hate about Whatsapp. Last week, one of the brains behind this app was hired by Apple to augment their security team.

Whatsapp is a pain in the ass. You can disable blue ticks, disable last seen but I don’t know why they cannot allow you to stay incognito when online. Once a while there’re people you wouldn’t want to see you online. Its also annoying when people say “you failed to answer my call but I saw you online on Whatsapp” … a confirmation that you’re on your phone just because someone has your number hasn’t looked good for me. On Android I always prefer BBM to Whatsapp, but the people I chat with 90% of my IM time don’t fancy it so I’m forced to stay on Whatsapp anyway. Many give the same or similar reasons for not being able to uninstall the app. Luckily for us (if you have always wanted to get rid of Whatsapp), Signal is far better than BBM and the people I spend most of my IM time with have all installed the app and are loving it.

Signal doesn’t show whether you’re online or not, doesn’t have any profile picture (if you’ve saved a picture to a contact on your phone, then that will display) and status update capabilities … It just gives you the chance to send and receive encrypted IM quickly!

This needs a separate paragraph… 

When Facebook acquired Whatsapp and made it free, tweets and reports could smell Facebook’s intentions. Recently, a friend kept mentioning that he wants to pursue an MBA course. Next thing he realized on Facebook … 90% of the ads Facebook pushed on his timeline and pages were all about online MBA courses. Maybe you can also observe this.

Apple’s iMessage remains the best IM app, no doubt about that, but Signal, being cross platform and this secure may not become as big as Whatsapp in the short term, but it currently presents itself as the best cross platform IM app we’ve been waiting for.


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