Top 3 Android N Features 

It’s been announced! Too soon? I agree. Pick 10 android users and 8 will tell you that what they dislike most about the OS is delayed updates. If you want updates quickly, you’d probably have to risk rooting your device (and in most cases void your warranty) in other to flashing a Cyanogen or other custom ROMs. If you ball with HTC, then you can risk unlocking the bootloader to convert your device into a developer edition in other to receive OTA updates quickly. What I can guarantee is that this cycle will continue until you get an iPhone in frustration.

I’ve been using Android M on my HTC One M8 since January … the most significant tweak from Android L has been battery life. The M8 however wasn’t made for Android M. It’s not USB Type-C enabled, neither does it have a fingerprint scanner. So those kickass features Android M promises cannot be experienced on my device. I’m not therefore in a good position to judge Android M beyond the basic tweaks. The worst tweak I’ve come to accept with M is the emojis! They are horrible, and I hope Google goes back for the Lollipop emojis in Android N (if that falls under HTC Sense, which I doubt, then HTC should fix it).

What we know so far, relative to the top 3 features in this new announcement has to do with the following;

1. Ability to reply in notification shades (announced for Lollipop but poorly executed, something iOS seamlessly does)

2. Ability to group notifs (again another feature iOS executes with the “least functional part of its processor”)

3. Ability to split screen for multiple running applications (sigh … this couldn’t have been pushed as an Android M update?)

Ha!, all these could have been pushed as Android M updates to allow the software engineers to have enough time for R&D. What we can all agree to though, is the fact that Google will not waste our time to announce just these iOS-replica features. Trust that the final build will have something iOS will replicate … the irony.


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