HTC 10 Impressions

… before we get on with that, I received a $100 promo code from HTC to preorder or buy the HTC 10. Why? Well, they just said “for being an HTC customer.” My first HTC device was T-Mobile’s G1. I did not buy it when it was released, I bought it used in 2009. The battery performance was so abysmal I sold it after 4 days. Then came 2011, when I had the chance to purchase the Droid Incredible. That device was good. I sold it and downgraded to Wildfire S that same year; slow and buggy OS. I sold it and got myself either the Droid Incredible 2 or the Incredible S (can’t seem to be sure) … that was in 2012. That same year, I traded that (whichever device that was) for HTC SENSATION! That was it! I used that phone until 2013 when I traded it for a new HTC One XL (my first ever new in a box HTC). That phone was everything amazing, until dumsor bricked it beyond repair. I had to save for the ONLY phone then, the HTC One (aka M7)! There! That! I had finally found the perfect device. Premium feel, built tougher than a Hummer Limousine and a UI so beautiful you could just look at your screen for minutes without running any app. Then came a tweaked version of the One, M8, which was everything perfect but for the camera and I’ve stucked with that since.

Usually “Impressions” blogs or vlogs requires some hands-on experience. I had the chance to set-up the HTC 10 for my boss, so yeah, we can do this.

I’d kickoff with the price. $699 off contract. Not competitively priced at all. HTC has been struggling with sales for as many years and even though hardcore fans may overlook the price and just get the device, I doubt this will attract first time buyers, even if the device can send an receive jollof OTA. Samsung’s Galaxy S7 is selling for $679 + a free Gear VR (valued at $150). iPhone 6S (16GB) sells for $649. These are the market leaders and I thought HTC will strategically price the HTC 10 but looks like they made it for those who don’t mind spending $500+ on a smart phone. Even after getting the $100 discount, I’m actually reluctant to acquire one. I mean, OnePlus has demonstrated that you can make a high-end android phone (6GB RAM, Snapdragon 820, Optic Amoled Display, Adreno 530, USB Type-C, 16MP Cam, Fingerprint scanner, aluminium alloy body) and still price it at $400!

The Sense UI the HTC 10 ships with is the “lightest” yet, and almost delivers the unadulterated android experience, which is awesome. I was not really a fan of raw android prior to the Material Design era.  Everything HTC did with their version of android was just perfect for me. Beats by Dre (before it was acquired by Apple) and HTC’s keyboard was on all levels of dope. I remember rooting a Samsung device just to flash a custom ROM which had HTC Sense. The good news is, this path HTC has taken will ensure updates are pushed to customers faster.

HTC has demonstrated that they are ready to listen to users by ditching the ultrapixels failures in the primary camera. The idea of ultrapixels sounds good on paper; maybe their engineers should revisit the drawing board.

Then I heard stories about the sound the HTC 10 produces … the phone’s inbuilt speakers are great, but the real awesomeness is in the 3.5mm jack! Holy Zeus! If some block I have little use for hits me and I’m to get this device, it will simply be because of that. Really amazing.

SHOULD YOU BUY ONE? … if you’re not buying it because the sound it produces through the 3.5 mm jack is like nothing else on the market, then please save your hard earned $699.

HTC Nexus is COMING!!!!!!!!!!!



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