[Destiny] How to get Exotic Shard easily. 

For newbies, “what on earth is that” will come with that disappointment look when Exotic Weapon Blueprints are accessed in the Hall of Guardians, especially when you have a pile of Glimmer and need just one Exotic Shard to acquire an Exotic item.

I’ve been playing Destiny for a while now and I’m yet to come across any exotic shard (i.e. getting rewarded with it like Legendary Marks). If you’ll want to get it through playing, you’ll probably play forever and have about 1 under your belt … for effort maybe. Let’s just get straight to it.

1. Download “Where is Xur?” from the PlayStore … it’s not available on iOS yet I’m sorry. 

2. Locate where Xur is using the app, or use the app to know where and when he’ll be available at the Tower.

3. Purchase some of the Exotic Items he’s selling using Strange Coins. All items are at a fixed price of 13 Strange Coins (Strange Coins are pretty much easier to get).

4. Now dismantle the items, yes, dismantle. Unless of course the item you bought is what you want to equip your guardian with. If not, dismantle it. Dismantling an exotic item gives you an Exotic Shard.

That’s (as far as I’m concerned) the easiest way to get it. Any other means will exhaust your soul!

NB: make sure you have space in your inventory, under the Materials section when dismantling … Kadi 55-30 (aka Postmaster) will alert you anyway.


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