Destiny 2: What MUST NOT Be Repeated From Destiny Rise of Iron

I am not an ardent gamer, but I love Destiny because it is the best shooter game out there. I tried Call of Duty (Advanced Warfare) and it did not go so well. Destiny is far more detailed and quiet technical. That explains why some find it boring, but to be frank though, it is not a game for everyone. If you are not willing to commit to knowing the game by Googling something you do not understand about it, then Destiny is not for you. It’s 2017 and Destiny fans are all excited about Destiny 2, but here are some changes I would like to see if Rise of Iron is to be the benchmark. Bungie, take note!

1. Better Armor for Female Characters

I have two female characters (Hunter and Titan) and One male character (Warlock). Anytime I load my Titan, the armor available for her is so terrible I just have to stick to the Iron Banner armor all the time (even that, the leg armor is terrible). Armor for female Hunters and Warlocks are better than what is available for Titans, but even theirs can still be better.

2. Ability to Gift Items

Look, it’s not everything we loot that we have use for. I do not like hand cannons and fusion rifles, but those are found useful by some other friends. Sometimes I just have to dismantle for legendary coins, if the item is a legendary one. Bungie should incorporate the ability to gift in Destiny 2. To be fair, they can pin the light of all gift items to say 3 (except those without light) so that the receiver upgrades it, else those with less light may have items they have not really earned so (yeah, I said it, but that’s why its a gift). I really want to be able to be able to gift or receive some strange coins, weapon parts, armor or even hadium flakes!

3. Make Swords a Second Primary Weapon

I still don’t know why swords must fall under Heavy Weapons. I believe a guardian can carry a sword and a Rocket Launcher. If they create a forth weapon category for just swords, it will be great.

4. Fireteams

Maxing out a fireteam to 3 guardians is not ideal in my opinion. Sometimes 4 players want to do a mission together and that is not possible. I also do not support 6 guardians for Raids. I have been playing Destiny for at least, 2 years now and I have done Raid on just two occasions because I could not find 5 other players; timezone.


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