On Ecobank’s Internet Banking Service

Terrible! Just terrible! I’m here wondering how many Ecobank Ghana customers actually use the service and what they use it for. The login process is fine, i.e. not taking any chances with security … but then after logging in, the frailties of their internet banking platform stares you in the eye like a frightened sheep! A reader at this point might ask “why won’t you just walk into any of their branches and do your thing if this online thing isn’t working?” … obviously, you’d only ask that if you’ve never had to make a transaction at any of Ecobank’s branches located around major business areas. Their “system can go down” (that’s their own language) as it often does, for hours and you’d queue till you give up, even if you’ve amassed tolerance to mediocrity and patience to substandard leadership like an ArsenalĀ fan.

Ecobank became the biggest bank in Ghana after they acquired a 100% stakes in The Trust Bank (TTB), approved as far back as December 2011! What then is preventing them from rolling out an internet banking service worthy of their status? Back then in 2011, I convinced my best friend to ditch Barclays … now I have ditched them somehow ( they still manage one long term investment, butĀ all my core banking activities are now with GT … as it’s become annoying to bank with Ecobank, I feel not willing to walk into the banking hall is serving as a deterrent to calling off the investment) and I wish they remained committed to customer satisfaction like they did in 2011.

One would think that after the merger, Ecobank will put in measures to contain the automatic customer base growth which came with acquiring TTB, but it seems like the exact opposite rather happened. One would again think that Ecobank would have shown leadership, relied on technology and taken advantage of the penetration of mobile phones and the growth in internet usage to serve customers better, but no, GT is excelling in this department and they wouldn’t even watch and learn.

Ecobank calls it internet banking, but the very basic attribute of that service: being able to effortlessly transfer funds to other Ecobank accounts, is nonexistent! It’ll take you twice as much time to load anything on their page, compared to that of GT. It’s actually in their interest to improve their internet banking services as it’ll decongest their banking halls and bring themselves within touching distance of customer satisfaction. They owe it to the customers!